What is Calvin Klein’s Marketing Strategy?

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What is Calvin Klein’s Marketing Strategy? Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand established in 1968. Although it first became famous for its underwear line, the company makes apparel that has caught the attention of its target audience. There is no doubt that this brand has known how to become popular, and its marketing strategy has much to do with it.


blucactus - calvin klein model - fashion brandIts action plan has allowed this fashion brand to position itself with quality products in various parts of the world.


They also have a team of professionals in the marketing area to maintain differentiation from the competition.


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Calvin Klein’s marketing strategy can serve as inspiration to make yourself known, reach your potential customers, and increase sales.


Who is Calvin Klein’s Target Audience?


Calvin Klein customers are primarily the younger generation, particularly men and women between the ages of 15 and 40. However, anyone with a high income may be interested in fashion and brand trends to purchase the product of their choice.


Calvin Klein Marketing Strategy


To understand Calvin Klein’s marketing strategy, we tell you what its marketing mix consists of:


Product Strategy


blucactus - calvin klein model - fashion brandAs you might expect, Calvin Klein is a leading brand in the world of fashion. It has clothing and accessories for sale to meet the needs of its premium customers worldwide.


In this way, we can see that the brand has a wide range of products in its portfolio, including:



Price Strategy


blucactus - calvin klein model - fashion brandIn general, Calvin Klein manages high prices in its marketing strategy because it aims at both middle-class and upper-class people. For example, their clothing and accessories designed in the “Black Label” category are priced higher than products in the White Label category.


Direct competition from Calvin Klein, which in this case is Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren, among others, also set high prices. However, the brand tries to keep costs lower than its competitors to gain market share.


Also, its pricing strategy has captured its customers’ attention to gain significant popularity. Following this, it has known how to compete with market players by lowering its prices and reducing costs to obtain higher profits. Thanks to these competitive prices, customers become attached to a brand and become loyal customers.


What does Calvin Klein do to maintain its pricing strategy? Products available to sell online often have sales. It also allows its customers to purchase old-stock products at reduced prices, leading to higher sales volumes.


Distribution Strategy


blucactus - calvin klein models - fashion brand - calvin klein marketingAs we have already mentioned throughout the post, Calvin Klein is a brand with a global presence. His first store got established in Dallas, where customers could buy clothes, cosmetics, home linens, fragrances, etc. Today, their flagship store is on Madison Ave, New York. Also, in addition to having a solid presence in the United States, it has a presence in more than 21 countries.


Indeed, there are also independent stores that sell their products, as well as department stores and high-end stores. Another curious fact is that depending on the location. There are brand products that have become more popular than others. For example, in Asia, Calvin Klein is focused on fragrances and other products that get adjusted to the income level of the citizens of that continent.


We are talking about a brand that maintains its presence in physical stores and online, so it has to define its distribution channels so that its products remain available anywhere in the world using licenses.


Promotion Strategy


blucactus - calvin klein model - fashion brand - calvin klein marketingTo this day, Calvin Klein has used many marketing strategies to promote its products, including direct marketing, social media marketing, television commercials, personal selling, and promotional offers. However, with the development of the Internet and social media, the brand has not hesitated to try to enter this area to promote its products and generate more income.


Although it is a renowned brand, it is worth noting that it has also had its share of controversies. Also, as well as other brands, it has collaborated with entertainment personalities to demonstrate its products in visual advertisements. Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Alexander Skarsgård, and Justin Bieber have been some of its ambassadors. It has also adopted a monogram represented by the “CK” emblem to establish its brand.


For effective mix marketing, the brand targeted its teen audience via emails in its ads. This way, when the client sent a query, her address was stored to provide information related to models and their lifestyles to connect with the recipients later.


What Do You Think of Calvin Klein’s Marketing Strategy?


blucactus - calvin klein model - jennie from blackpinkCalvin Klein’s marketing strategy also helps the company continue to grow and differentiate itself from the competition. Calvin Klein’s direct marketing also keeps them connected to their customers by subscribing to the brand’s newsletter to publicize their promotional offers.


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