What is Chanel’s marketing strategy?

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What is Chanel’s marketing strategy? Chanel has always wanted to present itself as the best luxury home to the audience. An objective they’ve been able to achieve time and time again. For this, they use marketing strategies to fulfill all their goals. Hence, the creation of this article. Today, we’ll take a look at Chanel’s marketing strategies. After all, as they say, you have to learn from the best to be the best.


Marketing is the best tool that can exist today. This is because it allows you to carry out actions in tune with today’s world. This is something that Chanel understood very well. That’s why, as a result of the pandemic, they focused all their actions on this problem.


What is Chanel’s value proposition?


All luxury brands had to adapt to the global crisis, which wasn’t easy at all. Nonetheless, regardless of the situation, the brand had to keep building its identity. Only in this way could they remain in their audience’s mind.


Many of them were very successful at this despite everything, Chanel among them. This brand was able to take advantage of every resource to remain relevant.


The brand can thank its amazing marketing team of professionals for this. They were the ones in charge of taking into account every detail. And since they didn’t want to leave Chanel’s objectives aside, they adapted them to this context. One of their strategies was to look at how other brands were faring with the situation. This way, they were able to take the same actions or improve them for themselves. The result? A valuation of over 21 billion dollars just in 2020.


Chanel has always had strong marketing strategies, all of them fulfilled according to its objectives. There’s no doubt that without marketing, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this kind of success. For example, they relied on advertising campaigns to promote their products.


What does Chanel want to convey?


One of the best strategies that Chanel carried out was to produce masks or other essential hospital accessories. This way, they didn’t stop interacting with their audience.


Besides, to promote these products, they released an official statement on their website. After this, they also used the international media press to spread the message.


Now, doing a good advertising campaign in 2020 wasn’t enough. After all, the brand had to keep moving to maintain its connection with the public. That’s why, to this day, they have continued to carry out marketing advertising campaigns to continue transmitting their value as a brand.


These have been the tools used by Chanel to continue with its marketing strategies:


Social media 


Among its strategies, the use of social media was vital. One example of this was their Stay Home with Chanel concert. On this occasion, the Belgian singer Angele was in charge of entertaining the audience through Chanel’s Instagram Stories, which has more than 50 million followers.


Doing a concert like this during the pandemic was a very big effort. However, it was intended for the public and to promote the #Stayathome hashtag globally.


Renewed content


Continuing with the actions framed in the Chanel market, we must talk about “The Sound of Chanel”. This was a playlist created by the brand full of songs from the catwalk. The goal of this was to keep promoting the #Stayathome. All while taking into account those who have trusted this prestigious brand for a long time.


Digital parade 


Fashion shows were overshadowed since the laws of France and the rest of the world didn’t allow any kind of events. However, this wasn’t an impediment for Chanel to make its fashion show. In it, there was only one In-person guest, and in this case, it was the representative of the house of Chanel Kristen Stewart.


In this case, the marketing strategy consisted of demonstrating that there is nothing in the world that can deprive the creativity of this brand. Therefore, through the video parade, a well-set location could be seen and this attracted media coverage.


Similarly, the strategy was very well done since the launch of the campaign was not delayed and the collection was released on time. In turn, the brand received support from the community for demonstrating that they are aware of and respected all security measures.


Podcast, What is Chanel’s marketing strategy?


At the beginning of 2021, the Chanel Connects Podcast premiered, where several brand ambassadors meet, as well as creatives from different industries. In this way, they can share new topics and discuss content related to the world of art and culture.


This is also an excellent strategy since the material in podcast format allows you to build or maintain loyalty between the brand and its audience. Definitely, the Chanel brand always makes the best decisions when it comes to carrying out its marketing strategy.


In fact, the podcast is a neuromarketing resource and it is what Chanel needs to maintain a human connection with its customers.


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