Google my business: what it is and how to use it to boost your business

BluCactus - Google my business: what it is and how to use it to boost your business

Google my business: what it is and how to use it to boost your business. When it comes to marketing, there’s a ton of tools and platforms in the market. For example, social media, email platforms, SEO strategies, and even some companies are a benchmark in this industry.


If you have a business, you must handle any of these tools. After all, they’re vital for the growth of your brand. In this case, we will talk about an amazing app for the success of your brand. What’s makes it so great is the number of benefits it offers to brands with physical stores. Next, we’ll teach you all the basics you need to know about Google My Business. Here you will find all its benefits, a basic guide to start and other tips.


What is Google my business?


BluCactus - Google my business - googleThis tool allows us to have a profile with all the information about your business, store, or brand. Here, you can post your products’ images, and the services you offer. Besides, you can also showcase the opinion of your past clients.


By using Google My Business, you will be able to improve the positioning of your premises and their digital visibility. On the other hand, it also lets you see results in the search engine list and the map itself.


Tools like this are perfect for the growth of a local business. Thanks to it, users in the same area will be able to easily find your business. It will also allow you to easily have access to all your contact information. For example, address, phone numbers, email among others. This way, your clients will know where and how to contact you.


What are the benefits of using Google My Business?


BluCactus - Google my business - googleGoogle My Business is a Google search engine tool that has many benefits for those companies with physical premises and spaces where they can offer their services or products. Here is a list of advantages that will help you have a better idea:


  • More visibility With a Google My Business account, you can improve your brands’ visibility. As a result, people or potential clients in search of a business like yours will be able to easily find you. After all, it allows you to show up on Google Maps.
  • Easy and fast updates Google accounts are an excellent tool that you can update easily and frequently. This is a platform that will allow you to have all the information you need in one place in a simple way and will help you to link in searches on Google, Google +, and Google Maps as we already mentioned.
  • BluCactus - Google my business - googleReach your audience This is a great platform to have fast, direct, and much easier communication with your clients, not only with their doubts and questions but also with the comments they have about your business.
  • Improve your mobile visibility You can adapt the visibility you have of your visitors through their mobile devices. This is important if we take into account the large number of visits that come from mobile searches. After all, our phones became an extension of our lives and therefore where we do more searches daily.
  • Create your own virtual tour experience Thanks to this tool, you can create a whole virtual tour strategy where you can walk your clients digitally through the premises. You can offer them the feeling of being inside the same store without the need to move from home. This is great for grabbing the attention of any prospective customer. You can also link this tool with other platforms to increase visibility such as YouTube, Google Ads, and other tools that attract more leads.


How to get started in Google My Business?


BluCactus - men workingIf you’re here is because you want to use this tool. So, from now on, we will teach you the basics so that you can start to use them.


First, you must have your own business email to manage your business. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use your email, but it’s better if you create one for only your business. On the other hand, it must be Gmail and not another platform such as outlook.


Once you have your email, it’s time to create your account. For this, you must check all relevant boxes to get the necessary information. This way, the engine will be able to show the SERP of results from your own business. For example, from a local point of view, the results list and Google Maps.


BluCactus - men workingOn the other hand, have in mind that the information you put in must meet some minimum requirements. Don’t panic! If your business meets some of the requirements we mentioned before, you’re good!


Creating an account in Google My Business is very easy. All you have to do is fill in the information fields. Once you’re done, the tool will ask you to verify your property. For this, you must enter a CODE through either SMS or Postal email.


Without property verification, you won’t get all the benefits that this tool offers. Besides, your potential clients may not trust you and your business. Now, if your store has several locations or you plan to move soon to expand the brand, you can without any problem update the information whenever you need it.


What does Google My Business allow me to do?



BluCactus - Google my business - google

We have talked about some of the most important functions that we can use thanks to the Google My Business tool.


Below, we will give you a look at all the functions that you have at your disposal if you open an account on this platform:


  • Upload images You can upload photographs and various audiovisual materials to your account profile to show what your place or establishment is like. For example, the products it has, those fun factors that cannot be missed when visiting your store, and what your extra services are. It can be a good selection to have a small portfolio of what your business does.
  • BluCactus - Google my business - googleEasy contact It is much easier to receive and answer the questions that your clients ask through this form because everything will be much more direct and immediate.
  • Metrics review You have space where you can review the metrics and the results of the statistics regarding visits, SEO that works, and other features in one place.
  • 360 store experience You have the option of creating a virtual tour of your own store with the use of Google view. This is a function that allows you to have a 360-degree image inside your store, giving the feeling that your customers are in it and have a real experience of what it would be like to visit you.
  • Google Sites An important feature that you can also get a lot of use out of is Google Sites. This can integrate it into your Google My business without any problem and will give you an option to create, design, and manage your own website from this tool. By using these functions you have a great possibility to minimize costs, easily manage your business, work with all your tools in one place and offer a web page attractive to all your clients. Google my business should be your main ally when building your business due to the endless tools and functions that allow you to integrate from other platforms allied to Google.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Google my business - contactBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Our group of experts focuses on helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Toronto, ON, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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