What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?

BluCactus - What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?

What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector? In the US and around the world, digital marketing is constantly innovating. Its use is practically a standard today in almost all sectors of the economy and society. The tourism sector is no exception.


After being confined for a little over a year without being able to travel, tourism in the world seems to be gradually recovering and with high expectations. Much of this recovery has been thanks to digital marketing and its advantages.


What is Tourism Marketing?


BluCactus - What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?Tourism marketing involves strategies designed and implemented by all tourism sector members to promote related services.


It includes the promotion of hotels, airline tickets, destinations, restaurants, tourist sites, transportation services, and tours.


Currently, marketing focuses on stimulating senses and appealing to feelings. It seeks to offer experiences beyond lodging and transfers. The goal is for potential customers to imagine themselves at the destination in a state of relaxation and enjoyment.


Importance of digital marketing in tourism


Digital marketing helps a brand have a presence in the market. When oriented to tourism, it works towards the same goal, promoting and encouraging the consumption of tourist services. Effective advertising can set trends.


Factors that affect the importance of digital marketing in tourism


BluCactus - Person looking at her cellphoneInspire Emotions


One important aspect of tourism marketing is generating emotions that drive a person to want to purchase a tourism product. This might be a lodging package that includes transfers, meals, and a tour with a price offer for a limited time. It should be something exciting to attract the person to consumption.


Motivate consumption


Closely related to the previous point, it is important to motivate consumption by offering various tourist options. Create expectations of experiences living in a particular place and showing comparisons between different destinations. Among other things that lead to imminent consumption, a prime one is the promise of an unforgettable trip.


BluCactus - Person looking at her cellphonePersuasion


Information is power. In this case, providing as much information as possible is key to achieving real conviction in someone interested in travelling. Sometimes, people may be suspicious of an offer with a very low price or too many advantages or options. This can generate mistrust.


Therefore, the more information you provide, the more trust your audience will have in the offer. This encourages potential customers to purchase the product.




Through digital marketing, information can be disseminated effectively. Furthermore, information can be shared to a target audience. It becomes possible to reach more people with information about tourism products and services.


Importance of the presence of tourism companies on the internet


BluCactus - Person looking at her cellphoneIt is not necessary to emphasize the fact that we spend most of our time on the internet, either for leisure or the need to look for information. There is an advantage for tourism companies to have an internet presence, as it means they will be access to the greatest number of people quickly and easily.


The most important classification points are the following:


  • Those who have enjoyed the service can leave their comments and share their experience on a company’s website. These reviews serve as a reference to others, promote the brand, and help sell a specific product or service.
  • By having a presence on several different mediums and networks (social media, blogs, etc.), it´s possible to appeal to different types of audiences and clients and thus reach as many people as possible.

Effective digital strategies for the tourism sector


  • Manage social media and a website, expanding the avenues for Internet users to obtain information.
  • Develop digital marketing strategies to be applied continuously. It is necessary to be active and offer attractive services both in high and low seasons, thus gaining credibility and reputation.
  • Generate direct interaction with customers to create a bond of closeness and trust.
  • Supervise and follow up on the comments and opinions of clients. Provide solutions to their complaints and concerns.

The influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector and strategies to apply for success


Digital impulse is the best strategy for the tourism sector to achieve presence, visibility, and reach as well as trust and acceptance. The influence of marketing is relevant, which is why it’s important to heed the following information.


BluCactus - Person looking at her cellphone

Apps and mobile tourism marketing


Our mobile device is practically an extension of our body. When we go on a trip, especially on a vacation, we often don´t take a laptop with us.


Therefore, for everything we need to search for, from taxi services to restaurants and activities outside the hotel, we will do it through a cell phone. Given this, what better option than to have an application that gives us information and even offers essential services during a trip. 


Comfort and ease of access to information while we are away from home and enjoying ourselves are essential. Travellers and tourists will greatly appreciate it.


Importance of Google in the tourism sector


Google is the most used search engine in the world. Therefore, your company must appear in its results. It is important to be among the first results for relevant keywords for the best results. For this, your website must have excellent SEO and SEM, each tailored to the informational searches that a person does when travelling.


From flights to hotels and location information, Google is used to determine the destination and plan the itinerary, oftentimes without the help of a physical agency or travel agent. Here lies the importance of being on the internet.


BluCactus - What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?Data analysis to create a foundation


Knowing the client is an essential task for companies that provide tourist services. The next step can be taken by offering each person exactly what they need. Data analysis contributes to a secure service contract by using the information of each person who´s a customer or frequent traveller.


What is the next destination of the client who has already been to the beach several times? What kind of hotels do they frequent? What do people visit without fail every time they travel?


Using the above, it becomes possible to anticipate consumer needs and offer attractive packages they cannot refuse.


Online Sales


Safety these days is paramount. Although the pandemic has made it clear to us that planning is vulnerable, many people like to organize their entire travel itinerary before arriving at their destination.


To meet needs and anticipate requests, an excellent option is to offer, in addition to lodging, transfers, and tickets, other types of packages that include recreational activities and tours. This assures the client that the trip will be a success.


These options represent growth and income of approximately 10% in this sector.


BluCactus - What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?Social Media


Just as having a presence on the Internet through a website is essential, being on social media is necessary.


Companies corresponding to all sectors have a presence in digital media and social interaction platforms. This ranges from conglomerates such as Coca-Cola to small church group that wants to preach religion.


These media have become the ideal ally to promote products and services and offer customer service. In addition, thanks to all the accessible and free tools you can use to manage a brand, it is easy to have a presence.


To achieve success in this area, it is necessary to establish objectives. Based on these goals, strategies to achieve them must be defined.


Instagram is one of the ideal options to promote tourism and encourage the need and intention of users to travel.


Use of tourism blogs


What is better than sharing the best experiences of a trip, place, or destination and at the same time providing essential information for travellers?


Blogs are one of the most appropriate options to connect with customers and potential travellers. Through them, emotions can be encouraged and expectations of a future trip can be created. Also, blogs allow for the possibility of sharing quality content and engaging those who read and retain them.


BluCactus - What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?Email Marketing 


Email marketing is less intrusive than other marketing strategies.


Offering quality and relevant information to a fixed customer base and looking for others to capture.


Notably, this option also offers security to clients regarding the origin of the data and the veracity of the message received. It is perceived as a reliable and ideal strategy for direct contact.


Use of influencers


The incursion of influencers in digital media has given a total turnaround to how brands are perceived. This strategy is very favourable when personalities are appreciated and seen as reliable, responsible, serious, and truthful. When partnered with such an influencer, your brand or company will be associated with these qualities.


It will also help customer loyalty by encouraging the arrival of new insurance companies or interested users.


BluCactus - What is the influence of digital marketing in the tourism sector?

Use Chatbots


Giving an immediate and timely response to an inquiry is essential.


Taking hours, days, or weeks to respond to a simple question can mean a significant loss of revenue.


One way to reduce waiting times and make the customer feel taken care of is to use chatbots.


A chatbot helps people find the information they’re looking for or connects them with a representative.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Tourism and digital marketing go hand in hand.


It is a desired and demanded sector because it offers people a positive experience filled with rest, fun, quality time, togetherness, etc.


The available tools provide infinite possibilities to show the world, engage through emotions, and create the need to travel and obtain tourist services.


This boosts business and the tourism market in general.


Contact us to learn about our plans for your company or brand, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter related to digital marketing.


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