What is Lancôme’s marketing strategy?

BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?

What is Lancôme’s marketing strategy? Lancôme is known as a cosmetics brand and is owned by L’Oreal. Armand Petitjean was the founder of this brand in 1935, and his main objective was to expand luxury in the world. Likewise, it is a brand that, for many years, has managed to highlight the beauty of women.


At first, this brand was into the manufacture of perfumes. But years later, they tried skin care. Then, it innovated with the manufacture of lipsticks and other products that became a real success. Let’s discuss how the Lancôme marketing strategy has continued to ensure the brand’s success.


Launch of the Lancôme brand


To understand the Lancôme marketing strategy, it is essential to know a little about its history.


The acquisition of Lancôme by L’Oreal was made in 1964. And from that moment on, it has been a brand of luxury products (cosmetics). Their acceptance is indisputable, which is why today they have sales in a large number of countries and agents.


This brand has continued to offer an innovative product line every year. Beauty products and perfumes with the same quality that characterizes them. The ideas used for the Lancôme marketing strategy have given this brand a presence in more than 160 countries. It is one of the best-known brands in the world.


Lancôme’s marketing strategy


There are exciting reasons behind the success of the Lancôme brand.


In addition to being a recognized brand for its perfumes, it is now recognized for other product lines, which have given it a superior customer base compared to its competition.


But what is Lancôme’s success due to?


The company has been able to make a combination of its marketing strategy through the factors that we will mention below:


BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?Exclusive customer base


Lancôme has dedicated itself to serving a particular customer base. Its niche market is oriented towards the manufacture of luxury products. That is why all their makeup or skin care products are exclusive. Its premium range of perfumes also makes the brand only target specific segments.


Customers with the premium category


The prices of their products are for premium customers, so their prices are high. Of course, in exchange for their high costs, they offer quality products free of chemicals that can harm health.


However, Lancôme has also produced products aimed at a segmentation that adjusts to the average price.


Product promotion


Lancôme’s advertising strategy is extraordinary. Its promotion is mainly focused on its products. For this, the company creates fascinating and high-end advertisements. And, of course, you can´t miss the quality sample to enhance the brand’s value.


Target market


Lancome’s target audience is not only older women. That is why their skin care products are also for millennials. This original product line has been recognized for its more intensive skin care products. So, they have kept using anti-wrinkle and anti-aging formulas.


But now they have a new line of products, called Lancôme Hyp. Its main feature attracts young women looking for proactive products without intensive formulas. Therefore, the brand has had more growth opportunities by serving a vast market, and now is a great example of successful marketing.


BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?Wide presence


For the company, its presence must be felt everywhere. That is why in many countries, it has established cosmetic boutiques to make its products available for personal use. Likewise, this brand also makes use of distribution channels for the commercialization of its products. Thus, they can get a broader customer base.


Pairing with the competition


There is no denying that in the beauty and cosmetics industry, there is a lot of competition from Lancôme. So, the company has been very creative in developing its mixed marketing strategy. It has a large number of boutiques to promote its products. Also, it offers consultations to its consumers through colour tests that match skin tones. Similarly, managers are trained to guide customers by studying in a beauty school. This characteristic indisputably differentiates them from the competition.


BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?Offline and online strategy


As we have already mentioned, Lancôme is positioned in the market as a premium brand.


It can be said that until now, they do not have a specific strategy in their online portal.


They also don’t handle e-commerce separately.


The company integrates the data of its users according to the ratings or reviews provided by the users.


What do you think of Lancôme’s marketing strategy?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510The Lancôme marketing strategy has worked very well. Another of its plans consists of using the internet as a promotional tool. The brand has pages that they only use to share information related to their products, technological advances, and fashion trends.


This is a brand that has positioned itself in the beauty segment by being able to satisfy the needs of an audience that has a preference for the luxury market. Also, there is no doubt that the products of this company are of quality, and it is essential to note that they use natural ingredients to make them.


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