What is MAC’s cosmetics marketing strategy?

BluCactus - What is MAC's cosmetics marketing strategy?

What is MAC’s cosmetics marketing strategy? Today, cosmetic brands are very popular as they are what represent most women. Due to this, many makeup companies have created their own marketing strategies to attract the public and their clients. Such is the case of today’s main protagonist, MAC cosmetics.


If you have a cosmetics company, you know about this brand. However, do you know what its marketing strategy is? If not, you’re in luck as today we’ll tell you everything about it. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two to improve your own brand.


What kind of company is Mac?


BluCactus - What is MAC's cosmetics marketing strategy?Mac is a makeup company. In fact, its products are one of the most used by women and by whomever. Similarly, this brand is not only in the word of mouth of women, but also, we can see on the internet that bloggers and websites also talk about it.


Likewise, mac cosmetics’ marketing strategy presents its work to different professional fashion designers. Consequently, the designer who will demonstrate their collections takes this makeup brand as the main one for their models’ makeup.


This makes many women want to look just like the models. Thus, making this brand their favorite and the one they will recommend to women who are part of their group of friends or family. However, many of these women become brand ambassadors by recommending their products through their social networks.


What is MAC’S goal?


BluCactus - What is MAC's cosmetics marketing strategy?Regardless of the type of business, anyone who wants to implement a marketing plan should set their goals. MAC cosmetics knows this, and they adapt them over time. This way, they always act according to the public’s needs without losing their essence.


Let’s see what these goals are:


  • Show that it is a brand for ordinary people.
  • Increase your sales by a considerable percentage through your visibility on social networks to gain greater interaction with your users.
  • Create traffic to your official website.
  • Attract the attention of new consumers to the brand.
  • Generate income for the foundation to help the victims of HIV around the world.

MAC Cosmetics Marketing Strategy


To fulfill the objectives above, Mac Cosmetics has a group of experts in the marketing area who have been in charge of creating successful campaigns to say, “we have achieved it.”


Therefore, let’s see some examples of the best mac cosmetics campaigns and what their strategy has been to achieve positive results:


  • BluCactus - What is MAC's cosmetics marketing strategy?MAC Color on The Edge


This campaign was carried out to increase the company’s sales.


The brand sought to capture scenes of life that happen in everyday life, adding a bold touch and leaving aside the conventionalism of makeup brands.


Result: brand recognition by consumers increased by 675%, while sales increased by 6%, the goal set by Mac Cosmetics.


  • MAC MAC Me Over Collection


For this campaign, Mac Cosmetics wanted to convey that all people are beautiful and should feel as such. Its strategy was to carry out a contest where people asked for a Mac Over to be made for them using an image change. For this, the selection of different models found throughout the world was made, taking into account diversity.


Result: An increase in sales of the collection could be seen, becoming a trend on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.


  • MAC Hello Kitty Collection


As we have already mentioned, one of the objectives of Mac Cosmetics has been to attract new clients. They launched a series of videos and packaging and ads, with this cat as the protagonist, to give a more attractive twist to this toy admired by the little ones in the house.


Result: Collections inspired by famous figures are usually successful, so this brand reached its goal without much effort with the idea of ​​these mac cosmetics marketing strategies.


  • MAGnificent


To create traffic on its official website and generate greater brand awareness, the company had the creation of 6 videos as a strategy. For each of them, an ordinary person was selected to participate. We wanted to show how beautiful we are with this type of content, using positive and inspiring messages.


Result: This strategy achieved that the brand will generate greater consumer awareness. In turn, there was a higher percentage of traffic to the web.


  • MAC Viva Glam RuPaul


MAC Cosmetics often creates HIV awareness campaigns. By doing them, they also continue to generate revenue.


An example of this is the collaboration with iconic drag queen RuPaul who became the main spokesperson for this brand.




This strategy managed to attract the attention of thousands of people around the world. After all, it had the collaboration of a person who shows the diversity in humans today.


Did you like this post?


Although this is a beauty brand, MAC Cosmetics doesn’t only showcase outer beauty but also inner beauty. For example, it shares the idea that everyone can use makeup. It carried out different approaches year after year for its marketing actions.


In short, the marketing work of Mac Cosmetics has made this company continue to be the leader in professional makeup.


If you have a makeup brand at BluCactus, we can help you create the marketing actions you need based on your goals. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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