What is Prada’s marketing strategy?

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What is Prada’s marketing strategy? Marketing strategies are being used in all businesses that want to gain greater visibility and increase sales. For this reason, luxury fashion couldn’t fall behind. Brands like Prada also use digital marketing to reach their target audience. This way they can remain one of the most important fashion houses in the world.


Of course, in other blogs, you can also find useful information related to marketing used haute couture. In them, we have mentioned the fact that luxury brands don’t compete with each other. On the contrary, each one of them focuses on continuing to provide what their potential customers need. All this is in exchange for paying a high price for a garment or an accessory, that is, elegance and exclusivity.


That’s why, to maintain the standards of exclusivity and keep their profits high, they have been using marketing strategies within their action plan.


What kind of marketing strategy does Prada use?


The Prada brand offers luxury items for both men and women. However, it’s also worth noting that clients who seek luxury belong to the upper socioeconomic class. This is why they are very demanding consumers and enjoy pouring with a garment that provides exclusivity. In fact, they don’t mind paying whatever the price is as long as they can satisfy their fashion needs.


Besides, today, the target audience for luxury brands isn’t only those between 24 and 44 years of age. Now the younger generation, or better known as generation Z (16 to 24 years old), is also interested in the consumption of luxury fashion. Faced with this situation, Prada has had to make some modifications to its business plan and adjust to new marketing strategies to serve all generations successfully.


Now that Prada’s target audience is broader, this is compounded by advances in technology. Nowadays, young people to older adults use social media to be aware of current fashion.


These are some of the characteristics that Prada wants to highlight through its marketing strategy:




For this fashion house, it’s important to maintain a constant renovation in terms of aesthetics. That’s why when applying a marketing strategy, you must not only think about your products but also about your web design, packaging, and other elements.




Prada’s items are luxurious, and this means that over the years a garment from this brand increases in value.




Luxury brands work to offer the greatest possible exclusivity to each of their customers, and the case of Prada is no exception. So, the private marketing strategy instead of focusing on getting closer to your customers there is a distancing to create cravings around your articles.




While it is true, luxury brands do not compete with each other, on the contrary, the competition is individual. That is why Prada will not compete with Versace or another luxury brand just to have a better positioning.


Marketing strategies used by Prada


For Prada to be able to achieve effective actions, it has been guided by the following marketing strategies:


BluCactus - marketing strategyPut omnichannel into practice 


When we talk about omnichannel, we mean that Prada focuses on providing a good experience to its customers through its online and offline stores. In fact, many luxury brands have already understood that both should go hand in hand, but in this post, we are referring to the Prada brand.


This brand carries out online campaigns since it is a good strategy to take its consumers to its physical stores. This is because customers looking for luxury items often prefer to touch the product they want to buy before taking it home.


Similarly, through online stores you can see all the details of the product, so making an online purchase and receiving the order at home is also an option that they have available.


Use social media 


For this firm, it is of great importance to advertising online, which is why Facebook ads manage to be very effective since they have a high level of market segmentation. Besides, Instagram is also a platform widely used by this fir. This is because it’s a medium where the fashion sector has been doing pretty great.


In fact, in the official Prada account, you can see how they have been using Reels. This way they can showcase photographs and videos of the articles, and models wearing beautiful clothes, and much more.


BluCactus - marketing strategyUnderstand the value of good SEO 


Prada also knows that today; SEO actions carry a lot of weight to obtain a good positioning in search engines. After all, Google is one of the most influential channels for luxury buyers to know the history of brands and relevant information about their products.


However, many luxury brand websites aren’t performing well in SEO.


This is because they only focus on displaying photos of their collections and voilà. Prada has understood the importance of this tool and has taken advantage of it.


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