Storyselling: Learn to Tell Stories That Sell


Storyselling: Learn to Tell Stories That Sell. The main goal of a business is often to increase its sales. In this sense, the return on investment doesn’t only mean the profitability of a business. It’s also a form of expression to showcase the success of your brand when it comes to the competition.


Some say that one of the best strategies is to tell a story to connect with your customers. However, how could we merge a storytelling strategy in a way that helps us boost our sales? Today, we will show you what storyselling is, how it works, and its benefits.


What is storyselling?


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataThis is a writing technique that aims to tell a story and grab the attention of a specific audience. One of the most common ways to present this type of story is in a simple, natural, and organic way. With this type of narrative, it will be much easier for us to explain to customers what are the advantages of using or purchasing our products and services.


What’s important here is to not be insistent about the characteristics of the product and how it can change their lives. This technique allows us to connect with our users and potential buyers, motivate them and make it easier for them to relate to our content.


The main objective of this technique is to capture the attention of customers in a highly competitive scenario. This with the main goal of causing the least amount of inconvenience and discomfort for potential consumers. On the other hand, Storytelling is a wonderful strategy to spread complex information and make it more digestible. So, while storytelling seeks to create a connection, storytelling seeks that that link ends in a conversion.


What is the importance of Storytelling?


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataThe importance of storytelling is not only based on the fact that it allows us to increase our sales.


It also helps us present content that, no matter how old or hard to understand, will have a whole new perspective.


Here the story will come from a unique starting point: your own opinion.


Because of this, it’s very important to create a creative story, with meaning and relevance to your followers.



How does storyselling work?


BluCactus - important dataFor storyselling to take place, some fundamental factors must be present. It’s important to keep some of these steps in mind to achieve a successful storytelling journey. This way, you will win more customers and increase your sales.


The first thing we find when we are working on a technique like this is that we must improve the operation and speed of our platforms. So, since your social media isn’t easy to manipulate, you must work on the speed and structure of your website. After this, start to create the content that best suits your audience and build a narrative that attracts them. For this, you can use dynamic formats or important messages. The most crucial thing here is that you work on touching an emotional chord with your clients. As a result, this will lead to a conversion and a loyal customer.


Why invest in this strategy?


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataWhat are some of the advantages that we can acquire by starting to work on this strategy? Here we present a list of the benefits you can enjoy and that will help you achieve your business goals.


Humanize the brand


Thanks to the work of content marketing strategies like these, it’s a lot easier to humanize a brand. This has been a crucial factor for customers for a while now.


Besides, it isn’t just about showing a product, some benefits, and some characteristics. Companies have to show values, their motivations.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataAwaken emotions


Stories are the perfect tactic to stir people’s emotions. No matter what business you have, you can do it too in each of your content.


Some brands prefer to choose to work on feelings of nostalgia.


Others on the other hand prefer emotions of adrenaline, fun, and optimism.


Use the sensitive key of the people who follow you and choose to create content that reaches their hearts.


BluCactus - important dataBuild trust


Your followers must feel comfortable with the character you created in your stories and identify with it.


Only in this way will the customer be more likely to trust your brand.


When we see ourselves reflected in a story, it’s much easier for us to believe that that person is trustworthy. The same goes for brands.


Seek to put yourself in the shoes of customers and give them stories with which they build trust.


How to use content storyselling?


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataWe already know the basis of storyselling, now it’s time to know its advantages. For this, we will show you how it works. We’ll begin to take a brief tour of how you can use storytelling to increase your sales and achieve a much stronger connection with your customers.


Choose the context


Regardless of the type of story you want to create, you must first create some foundations and a context. This, for many storytelling experts, would be considered as creating the appropriate environment for the story. In other words, you must create a world that truly adapts to what your customers want to hear and see themselves in. Once you have the bases to start working in the world of your story, you can move on.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataFind more information about your audience


Before creating your story, you must first know what kind of audience you’re going to address.


A story for children is not the same as a story for seniors.


Each of these groups has ways of communicating and ways of perceiving life and reality in a unique way. That’s why it’s a fundamental part of the creation of your story to sell to work on understanding who your audience is, how they communicate and what is the message with which they would feel most comfortable.


BluCactus - important dataCreate interesting characters


Some merge creating interesting characters with deep characters.


This doesn’t always have to be the case. Ideally, your story’s character must offer something entertaining, something new, something that is different from the others.


It can be something physical as in your personality, but this has to be noticeable.


Otherwise, it will go unnoticed. It’s also crucial that whatever makes it stand out must also adapt to the lives of your customers. Make them relate with the protagonist of your story.


BluCactus - important dataDefine a goal


This is the easiest part of the process. Here, you have to decide what you want to achieve with your story.


When we talk about storyselling the objective is simple and is to increase our investments and make our clients buy more products and services.


However, there are different ways to get there and in different time frames.


Because of this, you must find out what your main goal is and work on achieving it.


BluCactus - important dataIdentify a conflict that needs resolution


For your brand to have an unforgettable story and to connect with your customers, there must be a conflict.


The conflict-free narrative is just any ordinary story.


Here you ensure a conflict within your story and show how your characters overcome them.


Even if not every story has a happy ending, you try to create one that does.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataAdd the solution to the value of your brand


As we already mentioned, you must add conflict resolution to your story.


After all, this is the moment of reflection where your customers can easily see the benefits of your brand. This, as not as a form of direct sales, but as your business gave something of value to the life of your protagonist.


For this, every step in your story to sell must be very well-thought-out. Otherwise, this last element will not have the same strength. As a result, you will not be able to connect with your customers, and possibly you will not increase your sales.


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