What is the AliExpress marketing strategy?

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What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? Who has not heard of AliExpress? This Chinese e-commerce site has garnered a lot of visibility in recent times. Despite not advertising as much as other e-commerce companies such as Amazon, it has good positioning. In large part, this positioning is due to its marketing strategy.


It is the third most popular digital store in Spain. It has managed to expand to other parts of the world by knowing how to study its target audience and take advantage of all the opportunities around its business. If you have a Canada-based digital store, consider AliExpress’s marketing strategy and determine if it might work for you based on your goals.


What is AliExpress?


BluCactus - PlataformThis online sales platform was created in 2010 as a retail channel for the Alibaba Group. It is worth noting that the Alibaba Group originated in 1999. Throughout the years, they have made different important decisions resulting in success as a B2B e-commerce company. One of these decisions was to apply the same B2-B business model, but this time oriented towards consumers (B2C).


AliExpress is a well-thought-out platform. This is why, in terms of commercial downloads, it has been one of the most popular applications since 2012. Two years after its launch, AliExpress already had more than a million clients abroad. AliExpress has already sold a wide variety of products to consumers located in more than 200 countries, especially in the Eastern European region.


Their application is organized into sections that have been called “stores.” Buyers can see product prices immediately. Also, users can access shipping costs as well as reviews and comments from other users who have already purchased the product.


AliExpress marketing strategy


Let’s explore what some of the AliExpress marketing strategies are and which of them you can consider implementing in your online store:


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformLow prices


We begin by mentioning this strategy because it is one of AliExpress’ most important tactics.


Users can find a wide variety of products at a very acceptable price in the AliExpress application, especially when compared to the prices found in other electronic or physical stores.


Therefore, AliExpress is usually the first option for many users.


This is a very well-thought-out marketing strategy as a competitor, which makes this platform challenging to match.


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformVery Large Catalog


AliExpress has an extensive catalog of products. You can access several versions of products offered by different distributors.


In addition, each product can have different prices, shipping dates, or other details that can be adapted to the user’s needs.


Customers always value having several options within their reach to choose the product that gives them the most confidence. Therefore, this marketing strategy can be applied to your business by starting with a small list of distributors that can then be expanded.


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformResponsive Website


The AliExpress website is adaptable to the country it operates in.


Although it seems obvious, many online businesses only work in English, assuming that everyone speaks it and can understand it.


This leads to a disadvantage by limiting the access of the target audience. That is why AliExpress also adjusts the price according to the currency of the country in which it is operating. This way you can see the prices in different currencies and the products’ delivery times.


BluCactus - PlataformNew consumption habits


This is an excellent AliExpress marketing strategy. AliExpress opts for creating festivities with accompanying discounts that invite the user to buy and improve their loyalty. For example, one of the best-known festivities on AliExpress is related to “Single’s Day.” On this day, shopping records are broken as it is the perfect excuse for buyers to pamper themselves.


Loyalty techniques


The platform has also developed a discount coupon system. It has been an excellent strategy for users to continue accessing and buying from its app. Some of these coupons are given away by the platform, while others are issued by sellers or associated with specific events.


However, there are other loyalty techniques, such as the partner program, where points are accumulated to move up in level. It is a system that allows vendors to maintain the loyalty of their customers.


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformM-Commerce


This AliExpress marketing strategy is focused on sales through a mobile device. Likewise, the smartphone is usually the preferred device of its consumers. Therefore, they should make an excellent investment to improve their app.


Delivery times must be improved


Buyers from this e-commerce company know that fast shipping is not one of AliExpress’s fortes. However, it continually works to improve its delivery times. A target has been set for European suppliers to deliver within three days, while suppliers located on any other continent do not take more than 10 days.


Did you like the AliExpress marketing strategy for your business?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510AliExpress’s marketing strategy has focused on gaining visibility, so promotions have been significant. The seller decides which product will be promoted. However, AliExpress decides how the promotion will go and does all the management until a promotion generates sales.


If your online business wants a marketing strategy, BluCactus Canada can help you. In addition to advising you, we have marketing specialists who can tell you if some of AliExpress’ strategies can be adapted to your virtual store or e-commerce business. Contact us right away and tell us about your business needs.


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