What is Yves Saint Laurent’s marketing strategy?

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What is Yves Saint Laurent’s marketing strategy? Yves Saint Laurent, or YSL as it is also known around the world, is a fashion house whose founder is Yves Saint Laurent and his friend Pierre Berge. Since 1961, the day of its foundation, this brand has given much to talk about. And at the moment, it remains at the top of the fashion market, thanks to its marketing strategy.


We will see how the Yves Saint Laurent marketing mix works in this post.


Who is the target audience for Yves Saint Laurent?


BluCactus - strategyIn general, Yves Saint Laurent’s target audience has always been a strong public, made up of a middle and premium class and fashion connoisseurs.


Likewise, it can be divided into men and women in an age group of 20 to 40 years and with urban style.


However, it is essential to note that their client base leans towards people who are 50 years old on many occasions.


People who are wealthy and seek to carry a more professional image.


Is Yves Saint Laurent a good brand?


YSL has become a good brand for the following reasons:


Fashion and style


The products of this brand are iconic, and something that their customers like is their durability. This brand has remained focused on standing out from other fashion brands, providing a different and more timeless style in the luxury fashion industry. Yves Saint Laurent himself has defined his style as fade.


Brand Presence


This brand has a great presence in the world. Yves Saint Laurent has more than 70 stores on three continents and ten countries. Likewise, it has located its stores in strategic areas to stand out, optimizing its business.




Yves Saint Laurent has a history. And while it lost its charm for a while, diversifying its portfolio across several accessory categories to develop its own brand identity helped.




YSL has made several acquisitions recently, including one of Gucci’s fashion houses. This brand has also known how to position itself in the fashion industry at the top.


Yves Saint Laurent’s marketing mix strategy


The brand is based on a Yves Saint Laurent mix marketing strategy. Therefore, it encompasses the 4Ps, which are: product, price, place, and promotion. All these business strategies together have helped the brand achieve its success today.


Likewise, its marketing strategy has helped the brand position itself in the market to achieve its commercial objectives. However, it is essential to take into account several details to understand how Yves Saint Laurent is doing with his marketing mix:


Product Strategy


BluCactus - strategyTo talk about the YSL marketing strategy, we must emphasize that this is a globally recognized fashion and cosmetics company. However, this company is also known by its acronym YSL.


Its main objective has always been to create high-quality products with eye-catching designs. Therefore, its core competency is based on creating innovative products that can meet the needs of the fashionable customer.


As for its logo, this is an iconic sign due to its heritage. And its products are not far behind for having a good reputation in society since its inception. Each of its fashion collections for both men and women is in tune with the latest trends that add luxury to each person who wears a Yves Saint Laurent garment or accessory.


But this is not all. YSL launches permanent and related collections to the market each season for its product strategy. All to maintain the loyalty of its potential and emerging customers.


Price Strategy


BluCactus - strategyYves Saint Laurent’s pricing strategy has leaned towards a premium pricing policy, considering that they are targeting a group of exclusive customers.


Over the years, they have successfully maintained their pricing strategy, as there is not much of a difference between revenue and sales.


For example, the Yves Saint Laurent brand offers an entry price of approximately 130 dollars, generating interest in its products among buyers. Now, concerning its average range in permanent collections, this is usually around $125 to 3,000 dollars. Finally, there are the prices of the most exclusive and ready-to-wear collections, and they can be worth about $5,500 or more.


BluCactus - strategyDistribution Strategy


Yves Saint Laurent differentiates itself from other brands due to its projection in high-end stores and the most exclusive department stores.


Likewise, it also has its official electronic stores. And a presence on the web through a mobile sales channel that has been developed in recent years.


As a result, YSL has already expanded to more than 35 countries, including Japan, through physical stores.


Promotion and advertising strategy


With technological advances, we find ourselves in a digital age that luxury brands are harnessing. In the case of Yves Saint Laurent, it has made a few changes to its approach to digital promotional campaigns. To this end, efforts have been made to promote video campaigns, social media, and the promotion of contests.


However, they also take advantage of their social media customer base to promote their products. To take advantage of the advantages offered by each social network. Through their YouTube channel, they show the quality and elegance of each of their products.


As for physical stores, they are focused on visual merchandising and have an ecological design. Because it causes a stir among potential customers who want to convert into loyal customers.


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This is Yves Saint Laurent’s marketing mix strategy.


Today, luxury brands also want to be guided by a marketing strategy to stay focused on their goals.


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