What you should know about email marketing for lawyers

BluCactus - What you should know about email marketing for lawyers

What you should know about email marketing for lawyers. In the legal practice field, staying connected with clients and building lasting relationships is important. Many techniques can be used in the legal sector in online marketing. And one of the most interesting is email marketing. This strategy can be a powerful tool for lawyers to engage with their audience. And will allow you to have a better relationship with your clients and future clients because a better bond of trust can be strengthened.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a law firm, leveraging the potential of email campaigns can significantly impact your firm’s visibility and client retention.

Do you want to know what email marketing is for lawyers? In this post, we will explain all the details. So that you can make effective use of this tool that cannot go unnoticed in any business.


What is email marketing for lawyers about?


BluCactus - What you should know about email marketing for lawyersLegal email marketing is very easy to understand and implement to reach potential clients and future clients. However, it is essential to have a prior email list of people who have agreed to be there. As a first recommendation, never send an email to a person who has not given their authorization.


Now, you probably wonder how you can get hold of those emails. A great idea is to include a subscription form on the firm’s website. In this way, interested people can voluntarily subscribe by giving their email addresses.


Also, to create email list, you can provide valuable material, such as, for example, a free eBook. Of course, in exchange for providing this material, people must sign up for your email marketing campaigns for lawyers.


So, once you have your mailing list completely ready, you can use one of the many available email marketing tools to send an email to the entire list. Or, if you want to segment, you can also send the email to only part of that list. Of course, before sending your email, make sure that you are sending quality content.


The content can be a newsletter with news related to the law firm, information for legal purposes, or other topics related to this sector.


What are the benefits of email marketing for lawyers?


BluCactus - What you should know about email marketing for lawyersIt does not matter if you currently have a small or large law firm. You can improve your operations and expand, retain your client base through email marketing services. Similarly, email marketing is the viable option for connecting with your existing customers too. 


Many jurists and lawyers are already using popular email marketing tools, obtaining excellent results.


Let’s see what benefits you get as a lawyer by implementing email marketing as your promotional strategy: 


  • Better closeness and communication with your customers.
  • Reputation strengthening.
  • It can be used as a sales funnel.
  • Their campaigns are low cost, while the return on investment is high.
  • It works as a good avenue of traffic to your website or blog.
  • It allows immediate access to statistics to determine which campaigns work and which do not.


Finally, you can reach customers who are really interested in your services through this tool. If you have budget constraints, you don’t always need to reach email marketing agency. You can simply use an email marketing tool, and segment your mailing list easily. Thus, you can send an exclusive email to customers who are natural persons or a company.


It is worth adding that not everything is rosy. Therefore, like other strategies, email marketing has a disadvantage, and this becomes visible when it is not used correctly. If you fail to capture users’ attention, it´s likely that people won´t open your emails and will go directly to the trash.


So, it would help if you made sure the investment of time and resources is worth it. In our blog, several posts are related to making good use of email marketing for lawyers.


What are the tools of email marketing?


BluCactus - What you should know about email marketing for lawyersIf you want to carry out an effective email marketing campaign for your law firm, you need an exclusive tool to achieve this goal. Indeed, it will not be convenient for you to send your emails from Gmail or Hotmail. There are so many tools that you can use to make successful campaigns.


The most important thing is to select a tool that can guarantee that your emails will be delivered properly and displayed correctly. However, it would help if you also chose a tool that allows you to do a good segmentation and measure the statistics of your campaign.


Generally, MailChimp turns out to be the most recommended tool by marketing experts. Although also, others are well known, and you can compare them before deciding on the most convenient for you.


  • Mail relay.
  • Mailify.
  • HubSpot.
  • Benchmark Email.
  • Sendinblue.
  • Activate Campaign.

Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers


If you consider the tips that we offer you to make use of email marketing for lawyers, you can create a successful campaign:


  • Send valuable content


BluCactus - What you should know about email marketing for lawyersYour emails should not merely occupy space in an inbox; they should provide value, engage your recipients, and reinforce your position as a knowledgeable and trustworthy legal professional.


To do this, you can put yourself in the shoes of your email recipients. Once yo recognise you audience’s varying legal needs and interests, tailor you content accordingly. Ensure that the recipients recieve information that is pertinent to their specific needs or situation. 


If you don’t know what content to offer, providing your clients with information about solving legal problems that are not so complicated will be quality content.


To reinfornce your credibility and keep your audience informed, share legal insights, updates on recent cases, or changes in legislation relevant to your practice area. 


  • Focus on both design and content


Your email design sets the stage for the content within. If your design is not user-friendly, mobile-responsive, no one will be compelled to read what’s inside. Choosing a compelling design with valuable content is a key part of email marketing strategy.

Make sure your email design is simple, consists of visuals, is mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. About content, ensure to personalize email campaigns, write easy-to-read information, and strategically insert compelling Call-to-Actions (CTAs).

Also, maintain a consistent and professional brand image across all your email communications. This includes using your business’s logo, consistent color schemes, and fonts that reflect your brand identity.


  • Have a planned segmentation


In case of email marketing for lawyers, one size does not fit all. To maximize the impact of your email campaigns, a well-thought-out segmentation strategy is the key to delivering personalized and relevant content to distinct audience segments.
For this, you can identify key segmentation criteria (practice area, client type, geographical location, etc.). Then, you can tailor content to practice areas and personalise content based on these criterias.

You can further implement email automation to streamline communication with segmented groups. Set up automated workflows that deliver targeted messages based on specific triggers, such as a client’s anniversary with your firm or updates related to their practice area.


  • Add a catchy message subject

If your subject sparks curiosity, your emails have greater chances to open. It creates a sense of intrigue, prompting recipients to wonder what valuable information or exciting opportunities lie within.

When recipients feel compelled to open an email out of sheer curiosity, you’ve already won half the battle.

Remember that it will be the first thing that subscribers see.


  • Add calls to action


It never hurts to remind you about this email marketing tip – must include a Call To Action when sending your emails. Also, this will depend on the objective you want to achieve with your campaign.


In other words, if you plan to run a campaign to offer your services, ideally, it should include a CTA. A Call to Action leads the user to fill out a contact form. On the other hand, if the objective is to promote an event, the call to action must be added to invite users to register.


Finally, you can also add all your data when including your signature. Like the link to your blog or website and social media so that the user has many ways to contact you.


  • Measure the results of your campaign


Through the email marketing tool you select, you will be able to measure the results of your campaigns. This information is more valuable than you imagine. Because you can improve what is in disadvantage of carrying out more effective and profitable campaigns.


You can see many results to determine the number of people who have received your mail correctly. And how many of them have opened the email. You will also know the location of the email recipients and the number of users who click on one of the links it contains.


You can do an A/B test to launch two simultaneous campaigns in your law firm thanks to this data. And know through the metrics which of them is more successful.


  • Keep the periodicity correct


This email marketing tip is essential. Avoid sending emails in large numbers, as they can be considered spam. This only makes your brand look deteriorated, as well as your image.


The best thing you can do is plan how often you will send your emails. Thus, you will give your clients confidence and the potential clients that are to come.


Looking for Email Marketing Services for your Law Practice?


BluCactus - PowerPoint - Ken SchreckAs long as you make the appropriate use of email marketing for lawyers, your clients will have the opportunity to get to know you better. And that brings more trust to obtain greater loyalty.


If you have a law firm and your number of clients is low, Contact Us Now. At BluCactus Canada, we can carry out the email marketing campaign you need to attract the potential clients you are looking for. Also, if you need advice to get the most out of this tool, you just have to contact us. And we will gladly assist you.


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