What’s Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy?

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What’s Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy? Luxury brands take advantage of their reputation, costs, materials, or other factors to reach their target audience. The said audience is, of course, those with high purchasing power. Besides, they follow a marketing strategy that allows them to perform in the luxury market. A clear example of this is the firm, Louis Vuitton.


A very particular fact is that Luis Vuitton doesn’t act to position itself as a brand. After all, in this market, the brands aren’t compared to each other. Because of this, it’s very interesting to know the marketing strategies this haute couture firm follows.


What is the public of Louis Vuitton?


BluCactus - marketing strategyTo understand the objective of this brand’s actions we must know a little about its public. In general, the public of this brand consists of people with money, especially women.


This public is very demanding. In this sense, when buying a dress, a pair of shoes, or a luxury bag, they only want exclusivity. So, they don’t care about the price to pay as long as they can wear an item that won’t be common.


However, it’s important to highlight the fact that there are people who, without having high purchasing power, see fashion magazines. In this case, it’s impossible to ignore products like those of this luxurious brand. As a result, these people from the middle class buy products from the most accessible categories belonging to this luxury firm.


What type of marketing does Louis Vuitton use?


To talk about Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy, it is important to highlight that this brand is based on four very particular points:


Fashion Heritage 


Like other masks with several years of existence, Luis Vuitton always focuses on highlighting this heritage through its marketing strategy. Similarly, to achieve this goal, it is responsible for projecting said heritage through the high price of its clothing and other products.


Exclusive materials 


The luxury market is not based on competing between brands, much less on achieving sales. The relevant point is that haute couture brands like this one make use of exclusive materials and these, in turn, become a great differentiator for each of their objects. In fact, this strategy isn’t new, since this brand has been characterized by offering unique items.


BluCactus - marketing strategyHigh-end consumers 


The automotive sector is not the only one where consumers who love luxury thrive. In fact, this type of consumer lives online to buy luxury items belonging to the world of fashion. Therefore, to reach these high-end consumers, Louis Vuitton has an online store for the sale of its products.


Expensive patches


This would be a sales strategy that has been devised by luxury brands. Louis Vuitton imposed this marketing action that consists of adding patches to its products to personalize them. The goal is to be able to improve the consumer experience. This way, they will want to buy not just one item of clothing, but many of them.


What is Louis Vuitton’s positioning strategy?


BluCactus - marketing strategyToday, brand positioning is a topic that has given much to talk about. And is that web positioning is very important, and all brands want to appear in the first search places when a person decides to search and make a purchase through the network.


Consequently, each of the luxury brands carries out the actions that they consider may be useful for their positioning. In the case of the Louis Vuitton firm, we could say that they have been guided by certain marketing strategies to stay in the first places:


  • The product In the first place, this firm focuses on offering products that can add value to the consumer. That is why we can easily see high-quality in all its clothing or accessories.
  • The distribution Distribution is an element that is also part of the marketing strategy of this fashion house. This brand has its own physical stores which are decorated to offer a pleasant experience to its customers and invite both luxury and good design.
  • Advertising Communication and advertising have always been an element taken into account by the brand. That is why they have the help of professionals to create very well-crafted ads where you can see the collaboration with celebrities and people who belong to the world of culture.
  • The Web This brand takes good care of its website and its content which caters to its specific audience. Similarly, it maintains a very easy-to-use interface so that users have a pleasant experience when processing a purchase.
  • The relationship with people People’s opinions matter for luxury brands and Louis Vuitton knows that very well. So much so, that this has been one of the first brands that began to use Louis Vuitton social networks to maintain a better connection with its target audience.

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