Which brands use Influencer Marketing?

BluCactus - Which brands use Influencer Marketing?

Which brands use Influencer Marketing? Every day more brands want to take advantage of the benefits of influencer marketing. And it’s that social media has become the perfect medium for brands to make themselves known. And for this, there’s nothing better than influencers. That’s why brands who want to grow their audience have thought twice about creating campaigns with them.


For example, well-known brands such as Adidas and Puma often use influencer marketing. This is smart since they always create successful campaigns. And just like them, today we will name some brands that have also opted for influencer marketing.

What are influencers?


Influencers are people with a special power. After all, they can easily communicate with the audience and create their wants and needs. All by taking into account their perceptions, opinions, and even personal tastes.


What’s interesting about influencers is the impact they can achieve. This is possible because they’re relevant people in specific segments. To do this, the influencer must do continuous work to carry out the construction of his audience.


Similarly, it’s important to note that influential people have learned over time to interact with a specific group. This is how people start to pay attention to them and their opinions when recommending the products and services of a brand.


What brands work with influencers?


Influencer marketing has become the best option for brands both large and small. In fact, today many brands often work with influencers. However, today we will only mention 4 clear examples of the most successful campaigns using this type of marketing:


Estee Lauder


This is a very prestigious brand of cosmetics that have been in the industry for a long time. That’s why it needs to innovate.


So, when the brand reached its 75th anniversary, it focused on reaching a younger audience, compared to its traditional audience. For this, they started looking for a high-class influencer like Kendall Jenner, the youngest sister of the Kardashians. After all, her over 200 million followers were right on the brand’s alley.


It’s worth noting that at the time of the campaign, the influencer had around 76 million followers. As you can imagine, this is a considerable number to bring many advantages to the brand. Similarly, this model knew how to help restore the image of the brand to give it a fresher and more youthful twist.


When it comes to the collaboration itself, she created content and shared it on her Instagram. These posts included tips on using the products and her personal favorites. All focused on the latest products aimed at a younger audience.


BluCactus - Which brands use Influencer Marketing?Hallmark


This greeting cards brand wanted for its Christmas season collection (2016) to promote a campaign with the help of some influencers.


All of which were in charge of sharing their most special Christmas family moments, along with the hashtag #KeepsakeIt. As a result, the cards became an important element of Christmas.


In the same way, the posts had a very particular detail. After all, users could access a link through them towards a sales page. In it, they could purchase the greeting cards of their choice directly from platforms like Instagram.


BluCactus - Which brands use Influencer Marketing?Samsung 


This international company managed to have the most retweeted image in history.


This has been a very successful development since Samsung was the main brand of the Oscars in the year 2014, including spots of millions of dollars. However, to talk about the real success, we must point out that it was due to a selfie where celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, and Julia Roberts appear.


This photograph that was taken with the Note 3, to this day remains the most famous image on Twitter, being one of the best cases of influencer marketing.




The clothing brand GAP also had a successful campaign through influencer marketing. This campaign was called “Styled.by” and many influencers participated in it on social media. All of them focused on teaching their followers how they incorporate GAP clothing in all their outfits.


The idea is that each of these influencers could exude style just by wearing the clothing that made up the latest collection of this brand. Similarly, this strategy of collaborating with influencers dedicated to different topics achieved a great reach in different consumers.


What are the benefits of having influencers?


Actually, the list is very long when it comes to talking about the brands that have worked in conjunction with influencer marketing. However, these 4 examples are enough for you to understand the advantages of influencer marketing and why brands with great prestige and reputation have not been left behind and have decided to create influencer marketing campaigns.


But everything has a reason, and that is that through influencer marketing, brands can enjoy several benefits that we will explain below:


  • Provides access to any brand There is good news, and that is that there is no restriction regarding influencer marketing. It does not matter what segment a company is dedicated to, since they all have a specific audience and for them, there will be an influencer who can generate impact and consumer desire by representing the brand.
  • Brand awareness is created There is a reality, and that is that there are many potential customers, but the sad thing is that they still don’t know your brand. Therefore, the role of the influencer will be to present their business in the niche where they can have a great impact. This builds brand awareness, one of the main benefits of influencer marketing.
  • It has a high conversion capacity Influencers have their own audience, so they’re already prepared the moment a brand chooses them as ambassadors. That’s why companies will only dedicate themselves to looking for an influencer who is dedicated to the same niche in which they operate to have a more precise investment and a successful return.
  • They bring integrity People tend to buy all the products and services that influencers recommend, which means that they manage to gain the trust of their audience. Similarly, customers tend to look for strong relationships with reputable brands, so if they trust what influencers say, it will be easier for your company to reach the target audience.
  • They generate excellent ROI In general, marketing budgets aren’t usually high, so it will be a great advantage to know how to manage them. Besides, it’s normal to think about the financial issue and the good news is that investing in influencer marketing will always be worth it since the cost is low if we compare the profits that can be obtained. These are reasons enough to determine the importance of influencers in society.

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