Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers In 2021 [No Coding Required]


Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers In 2021 [No Coding Required]. Finding the best WordPress themes can be quite intimidating especially in 2021. There are tons of themes available in the market with unique features and benefits. This might create confusion in the minds of new bloggers who have just started.


With that in mind, we have created this post that will walk you through some of the best WordPress themes to opt for in 2021. These themes are lightweight, fast, well-optimized, and require zero coding work. 


So, without further ado, let’s begin.


1. Elementor


Blucactus-1-ElementorThe first on this list of best WordPress themes is Elementor.


Elementor’s Page Builder paired with their Generatepress theme can do wonders for you. We have mentioned both on this list of the best WordPress themes because the combination of these two allows you to design your entire blog with an incredible amount of customizability and with no coding knowledge.


With the help of these two elements, you can take your website to the level of awesomeness for sure. 


On top of that, Generatepress is the fastest WordPress theme that we have ever tested. This WordPress theme comes along with its drag-and-drop visual page builder which will allow you to make beautiful, and highly attractive websites in one go. 


To get you started, this WordPress theme comes jam-packed with a collection of diverse page templates, widgets, post types, pre-created layouts, pages, and tons of features like CTA button creation, image gallery, FAQ sections, and a lot more. 


You can also make an e-commerce website or an online store with the help of these two elements. 


2. Generatepress


Blucactus-2-GeneratepressNow here comes our favorite WordPress theme for bloggers which is Generatepress. Generatepress needs no introduction. It ranks high amongst the best WordPress themes for bloggers. This WordPress theme is not only free but is also one of the most lightweight, high-performance, and SEO-friendly WordPress themes out there on the market.


It is built with SEO-friendliness in mind and has got less code so that you can easilyrank your website on the top of Google. In fact, we have designed and developed several websites on Generatepress and have seen amazing results. 


Currently, 2 Million bloggers are using the free version of this WordPress theme and 50,000+ paying customers on the Premium version, which comes along with additional features and benefits. 


This WordPress theme is made with less code and programming languages, so it offers a fully functional and extremely user-friendly platform to make a website on. 


It’s available in both free and premium versions. The premium version of Generatepress comes with 14 advanced add-ons for enhancing your blog—like typography and WooCommerce additions, amongst others.


3. OptimizePress


Blucactus-3-OptimizepressThe next in this list of WordPress themes for bloggers is OptimizePress.


OptimizePress has come a long way, and it has been our topmost choice for creating several WordPress websites. It is our natural pick as one of the best WordPress themes that we recommend to other bloggers. 


The reason we have listed OptimizePress in this list of best WordPress themes is because it’s a WordPress theme that will allow you to make visually and highly attractive websites with their drag-and-drop page builder. Additionally, they’ve got easy one-click integrations with all the best blogging tools you might need. 


The theme is also easy to learn and master for a newbie blogger. It has got a simple and easy-to-use interface which makes it the top choice of all the newbie bloggers in the market. 


Another good thing about this WordPress theme is that it comes with sales funnel support and a big library of prebuilt page templates to start.



Want to make money from your blog too? This WordPress theme also allows to integrate email marketing services and payment gateways like Stripe & PayPal. Therefore, you can also generate leads with the help of this WordPress theme. 


Yes, we know the fact OptimizePress is one of the most heavily priced themes in the market, but trust us, the value is more than worth the upfront investment this theme offers. 


So, if you seriously want to take your blog to the next level, opt for this theme for sure. 


4. Astra Pro


Blucactus-4-Astra-ProAstra makes our list of the best WordPress themes because it is easy to use and comes in handy with a lot of features like added page builders, themes, custom design, child and parent theme option, and a lot more. 


This is a simple and customizable WordPress theme that is SEO friendly as well. It is super fast and comes with built-in tools and blog layouts, navigation, shopping cart functionality, and choose from many other themes. 


Astra will help you in giving any look and feel to your blog or website with their simple editing option that’ll help you craft a blog any way you can imagine. In our opinion, Astra is more lightweight as compared to Generatepress and other WordPress themes mentioned in this blog. 


5. Challenger


Blucactus-5-ChallengerChallenger is a highly SEO-optimized WordPress theme made by Compete Themes, an award-winning company that is known for creating various plugins and tools for bloggers and WordPress. 


The Challenger WordPress theme was made especially for bloggers who want to focus on their writing and make money from blogging. After all, you do a lot of hard work in making a website or a blog so people can read your blog post, right? and the Challenger WordPress theme will surely help you with this. 


The thing which we like most about this WordPress theme is that it is also an AdSense optimized WordPress theme which will allow you to earn tons of dollars via Google AdSense. Apart from this, Challenger uses a large, modern font to make your posts easy to read and limits the characters-per-line to roughly 85, which is optimal for readability.


Challenger is fully responsive, which makes it best suitable for SEO as well. It works well on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and any other device from which your users might access your site. 


As a WordPress theme for bloggers, Challenger also comes along with tons of blogging and SEO tools. Most notable is the email list building header that comes with the theme and is fully customizable. It also has preloaded SEO tools like a readability score checker which will allow you to create SEO-optimized content for sure. 


With this WordPress theme, you get a link button that you can use on a subscriber page or directly to a pop-up form with a plugin like MailOptin or OptinMonster. 


Challenger also comes with other customization options like social media sharing plugins, SEO tools, content marketing, and readability checker, and a lot more. 


6. Flet


Blucactus-6-Flet - Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers In 2021Looking for a WordPress theme for affiliate marketing and making money online? Flet has got you covered. 


This amazing, responsible, and highly optimized WordPress theme is specifically for bloggers who have a habit to write and publish content regularly. On top of that, this theme is extremely easy to use, flexible, lightweight and all-purpose in nature. 


You can make a blog, business website, or even an online store with Flet. 


From online business owners to pet blogs, fashion websites, and more, thousands of bloggers are using this WordPress theme and have taken their website to the next level. 


One of the key elements of this WordPress theme is Style Manager, a tool that will allow you to customize your website to the next level. With Style Manager, you can change the footer, sidebar, layout, typography, colors, headers, and much more. 


This theme is made by a team at Pixelgrade, a company that designs WordPress tools and software. As of 2021, this WordPress theme is being used by more than 60,000+ bloggers and small business owners who’ve taken their blog or website to the level of awesomeness with the help of this theme. 


So, when you choose to use this WordPress theme to make a blog or website, you’ll be getting a responsible, fast, flexible, and all-pervasive website for sure. 


Although the price of this WordPress website theme is slightly high as compared to others, it will surely be worth every penny you spend. Currently, the theme comes with yearly subscription fees of $75 per year. Also, you can also buy this theme for a lifetime at $175. 


7. Divi


Blucactus-7-Divi - Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers In 2021When talking about the best WordPress themes for bloggers, how can we forget about Divi? 


We have mentioned Divi in this list of WordPress themes because of its amazing capabilities and out-of-the-box beautifully looking design layouts & templates, which you can immediately use to start a blog, website, or online store that is highly converting in nature. 


Another great benefit of Divi is that it comes with practically unlimited personalization capabilities that can take your website to a whole new level. With the help of its incredible page builder, you can surely make some award-winning websites without even writing a single line of code.


The Divi page builder has over 40 different content elements ranging from CTAs, image galleries, customer testimonials, FAQ sections, that can be used on both your blog posts and on landing and product pages, which will allow you to make a more appealing website. 


The only drawback to Divi is that it does not have a free version even after being one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers. So, if you want this theme then you need to burn your pocket a bit. 


You can opt for their lifetime deal that will cost you around $249.


8. Bridge


Blucactus-8-Bridge - Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers In 2021This 360-degree theme makes our list of the best WordPress themes because it can be used to create blogs, online stores, and websites in many different forms. As of 2021, over 525,000+ bloggers and online businesses are using this theme. They’re definitely doing something right. Moreover, this WordPress theme has also been awarded the number 1 theme by many blogging and WordPress forums. 


This is not a regular WordPress theme for bloggers. It is something more than that. It comes along with tons of features that contain the design and other enticing elements necessary for setting up a very new and modern-looking WordPress website, blog, or e-commerce store in 2021.


This WordPress theme also comes with an additional plugin, Fusion core, that will allow you to create more attractive and appealing websites for sure. You can also integrate with this plugin a range of free WordPress themes. 


However, to make the best use of the tool, use it with the Bridge theme only. 


As another benefit, this WordPress theme gives you an easy-to-start with a set of templates for every major blog niche, making it a very fast and easy process to set up a new blog. It costs $60 for every site.




Blucactus - Contact usThemes are the backbone of WordPress websites. They can either make or break your blog, site, or online store. From increasing website speed to ranking content on Google, themes have a huge role to play with WordPress websites


In this article, we have mentioned the 8 best WordPress for bloggers with zero coding required. These themes will allow any blogger in any niche to create the best website possible. 


Also, you can mention your favorite WordPress themes in the comment section below. 

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